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Fast service: Target launches express self-checkout lanes

Fast service: Target launches express self-checkout lanes
Fast service: Target launches express self-checkout lanes

Retail company Target has announced the rollout of express self-checkout lanes for fast service. The company emphasizes: “Checking out is one of the most important moments of the Target run, and we know that a fast, easy experience — whether at self-checkout or the lanes staffed by our friendly team members — is critical to getting guests on their way quickly.

Nearly 2,000 Target stores nationwide will have express self-checkout lanes, making the shopping experience faster and more convenient. 

Last year, the company piloted express self-checkout for 10 items or less at about 200 stores. 

Fast service experience 

The new express self-checkout lanes at Target are a game-changer for shoppers! In the company’s trial stores, self-checkout proved to be twice as fast as the traditional cashier lanes. Now, customers can go through with just a few items or opt for a staffed lane when their cart is overflowing. Shoppers who tried this out gave Target great reviews, saying the overall checkout experience was much smoother and faster.

Target stores will have the flexibility to adjust staffing and self-checkout hours to meet the unique needs of each location. Express Self-Checkout will be available during peak shopping hours. 

Battle for last-mile delivery and fast service

Today, customers want items lightning fast. Several trends are reshaping the retail industry. Locate2u reported that according to a survey by Fabric, three-quarters of consumers want free two-day shipping, while two-thirds would go for free next-day shipping.

Now, the gloves are out for the battle for last-mile delivery. We see this in a recent report by Locate2u. Walmart, Target, and Amazon are all competing to have a competitive edge in the market. Walmart recently launched express on-demand early morning deliveries. Other retail chains may have to wake up to innovative initiatives now. 

Target announced a new paid membership program and is due to be launched in April. What sets it apart is free same-day home deliveries. 

It’s clear retail chains are having to stay ahead of the curve to meet the ever-changing demands of customers. 

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US retail market 

Market Research Future reports the US retail Market Size was valued at USD 5125 Billion in 2022. The Retail market industry is projected to grow at an annual compound growth of 17% in the eight years.

“The market’s growing focus on sustainability is driving the growth. Consumers are aware of environmental and social issues that influence their purchasing decisions. It has increased demand for eco-friendly products, ethically sourced goods, and transparent supply chains.” 

The report adds that retailers have responded to the shift of online shopping by investing heavily in online platforms, enhancing user experiences, and adopting innovative technologies such as augmented reality for virtual shopping.

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