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AI Aptitude: The new must-have skill for the future of work

AI Aptitude: The new must-have skill for the future of work
AI Aptitude: The new must-have skill for the future of work
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AI aptitude is the latest buzzword around the future of work. In fact, Microsoft and LinkedIn’s joint ‘2024 Work Trend Index’ posits it as the key to unlocking business opportunities. 

This is especially true since artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the workplace at an unprecedented pace.

Why should AI Aptitude be your next goal? Because people – and to an extent, businesses – who develop AI aptitude are positioning themselves for career growth and new opportunities.

Prioritizing AI skills

The report surveyed more than 31,000 people from 31 countries. Of those, 66% of leaders say they consider AI skills when hiring. In addition, 71% would rather hire a less experienced candidate with AI skills than a more experienced candidate without them.

This trend will create new opportunities for the younger generation fresh to the career pool. Most business leaders feel that they can give AI-ready employees greater responsibilities. Surprisingly, this isn’t limited to Gen Z, but to employees across every age group.

However, on the flip side, the report also highlights the potential training deficit. Only 39% of AI users say they received formal AI training from their companies. This could put certain AI-hesitant companies at a disadvantage.

Employees are realizing they need AI skills to remain relevant in the market. LinkedIn Learning, for example, has seen a 160% spike in the use of AI aptitude courses. Businesses, however, are slow to keep up with the trend. 

AI aptitude for business growth

With employees now taking the bold leap into the world of AI aptitude, businesses need to understand that it’s not just a nice-to-have skill. It’s a critical factor in driving growth and guaranteeing success.  

Companies that invest in AI skills will be better positioned to innovate, adapt, and thrive in the AI-driven economy of tomorrow. By prioritizing AI aptitude, businesses can: 

  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Improve efficiency. 
  • Enhance customer experiences. 
  • Attract top talent. 
  • Future-proof their operations.

However, to reap these benefits, businesses need to take action now. 

In Australia, business leaders are eager to adopt AI. The federal government also classifies AI as a vital component in boosting the country’s economy. One example of this is the e-commerce industry, where AI is helping customers ‘buy faster,’ which in turn, boosts retailers’ profitability. 

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Cheryl has contributed to various international publications, with a fervor for data and technology. She explores the intersection of emerging tech trends with logistics, focusing on how digital innovations are reshaping industries on a global scale. When she's not dissecting the latest developments in AI-driven innovation and digital solutions, Cheryl can be found gaming, kickboxing, or navigating the novel niches of consumer gadgetry.

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