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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

Finding The Fastest Route For Deliveries 

finding best route for delivery
finding best route for delivery

Manually creating the fastest delivery route for your drivers can be a stressful and time consuming task. Throw away the pen and paper for a route optimisation software that builds the most efficient delivery journey in minutes rather than hours. But what is route optimisation? And why should businesses invest in this technology?

This article will explore the mechanics of route optimisation, the many benefits it offers to different types of businesses and why you should invest in this ground breaking technology. 

You’ll also gain insight as to why Locate2u is the perfect delivery management software that will save your business time and money, whilst improving driver and customer satisfaction. 

route optimisation software

Why Is It Important To Find The Fastest Route?

Given the changing nature of consumers, especially given the presence of the pandemic, the demand for fast deliveries are at an all time high. Drivers have never been more under pressure as they are now to complete every booking on time and give customers a great experience. Technology has also changed dramatically over the past decade and is striving to accommodate such a fast-paced industry. 

Having to manually plan the fastest delivery route for your drivers is an almost impossible task that wastes hours and adds to your already busy workload. That’s where route optimisation comes in. A reliable and quality route optimisation solution can have efficient journeys built in just seconds. You don’t have to spend loads of your time stressing optimised routes, attempting to correct human error and changing your schedule to add in last minute bookings. It’s the perfect software for dispatchers and fleet managers wanting to improve the productivity of their team and save time for other business operations.  

Route optimisation isn’t just about reducing costs, it’s also about reliability creating quality revenue streams and expanding your customer network. It makes your business the business customers can count on for timely deliveries. 

What Is Route Optimisation Software?

route optimisation application

Route optimisation is the process of finding the fastest route for your team member’s journey, whilst reducing costs on fuel, tolls and other expenses. Prior to route optimisation, fleet managers and business owners would have to plan their routes manually. This was a stressful experience that took hours to schedule multiple journeys for their drivers. Human error would often get in the way of planning the most cost-effective trips, as well as not being able to add in any last minute stops without ruining the schedule for the day. 

This solution isn’t just about finding the shortest route, rather taking into account the location and distance between stops, the schedule of your drivers and time-bound deliveries. 

The Types Of Businesses Utilising Route Optimisation Software 

Route optimisation not only works for delivery services but also accommodates industries such as plumbing, appliance repair and electrical companies. If you’re sending a team member on site throughout the day, then route optimisation will allow you to keep track of their whereabouts and know they are completing each booking efficiently. 

It’s no secret that customers are often given large time windows for services such as plumbing, electrical and appliance repairs. Most customers are even given a time that is not followed through, leaving them frustrated. With route optimisation, you can send your customers a tracking link, so they can see your team members location in real-time. They’ll know exactly where and when they’ll arrive, giving them peace of mind that the job will be done on time. 

This technology is perfect for any service that requires you to send a team member to a location, not just delivery. 

optimizing route for business

Why Do Businesses Need A Route Optimisation 

This software is extremely valuable for businesses as it takes away the stress from fleet managers and dispatchers by creating the fastest route in seconds! But it isn’t only the quicker journey that you and your drivers benefit from. Having the ability to add in last minute bookings means you don’t have to start again and disrupt your schedule for the day. Route optimisation will do the work for you so more bookings can be completed efficiently. 

Businesses also looking to improve their customer satisfaction will certainly benefit from this software. Optimising your routes allows you to give more accurate ETAs, so they can anticipate when their order will arrive. No large time windows, no being left in the dark. 

The benefits of using a route optimisation solution will be discussed in the following paragraphs below. 

Benefits Of Route Optimisation 

Using a route optimisation solution offers a number of advantages such as improved driver satisfaction, reduced fuel costs, improved customer service and minimised vehicle maintenance. All these benefits are paramount to the operation of your business and increased productivity of your team members. 

Improved Driver Satisfaction

improve driver satisfaction

Your team members are the driving force of your operation, so making their job easier is a gateway to enhanced productivity and less complication. Providing optimised routes means they’ll spend less time stuck in traffic and more time completing additional jobs, improving your business’ overall productivity. Keeping your drivers happy and the delivery process simple and organised are important factors in running your business successfully. 

Reduce Fuel Costs 

fuel cost reduction

Fuel prices are constantly up and down, and largely influenced by what’s happening in the world. As a business owner, you’re always on the search to find solutions that effectively cut down fuel costs. Optimised routes allow your drivers to spend less time on the road, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.

Giving your drivers a more time-effective journey ensures there is less idling in congested traffic, less drivers taking the scenic route to kill time and no more constant back and forth between jobs. 

Improve Customer Service 

high customer ratings

The customer’s experience is central to the performance of your business, especially considering the shift in consumer behaviour when it comes to delivery. Customers want faster deliveries, more accurate ETAs and the ability to see their order from start to finish. Optimsing your routes speeds up the delivery process, offering a greater experience for your customers as they’ll feel prioristed. Route optimisation also lets you share the location of your driver with your customer. This level of visibility helps reassure them that their order is on the right track. 

Minimise Vehicle Maintenance

minimize vehicle maintenance

This software allows you to optimise and review your routes to improve drivers performance on the road, reducing maintenance costs. Route optimisation gives you the opportunity to see dangerous driving so that you can identify which team member needs more training to improve their behaviour whilst carrying out bookings. This translates to less wear and tear from poor driving, and less consistent services and other expenses. 

Live Location Tracking

Find The Fastest Route With Locate2u 

Throw out your pen and paper. Route optimisation is the most time-effective way to optimise your drivers routes, and add in last minute bookings without jeopardising your schedule for the day. 

Finding the fast route isn’t rocket science with Locate2u! Locate2u is a fleet management software that optimises your routes, manages your bookings, allows you to track your team’s location in real-time and offers a quality proof of delivery system. This solution takes the weight off your shoulders and helps improve your business’ performance and customer experience. 

Click here to learn more about Locate2u’s route optimisation software, and how it can help save you hours of planning.

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