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Mainfreight opens new warehouse in Sydney

Mainfreight opens new warehouse in Sydney
Mainfreight opens new warehouse in Sydney

Logistics company Mainfreight has opened a new warehouse in Sydney’s south-west. The facility is strategically located at the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal. 

The new facility will combine the company’s warehousing and wharf operations under one roof. This will allow smooth supply chain efficiencies for customers. It also boasts 70,000 racked pallet spaces. This includes pallet space for sensitive freight like pharmaceuticals. 

The warehouse’s location will grant wharf operations direct access to Port Botany via the rail system which will significantly reduce container freight transit times from the port.

Autonomous mobile robots

The logistics industry is realizing the importance of using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). We see logistics companies like UPS using AMRs to complete repetitive tasks

Mainfreight states that the business has invested in robotics to improve efficiency at its facility. These robots operate autonomously within a designated grid or pick path environment, picking up shelves of products without human involvement.” 

The company adds the key advantage lies in the “goods to person” approach. The ARMs will bring items directly to team members. This will enhance operational efficiency and reduce the need for labor. 

The new facility is also equipped for storage and handling of dangerous goods. In addition, the warehouse is bonded. This way customers can enjoy the benefits of deferred duty and tax payments until your goods are sold.

For easy inventory management, the warehouse has satellite racking. This storage method stacks items in multiple layers and levels in one area, reducing the need for many aisles and making it very space-efficient. 

It’s especially useful for businesses that deal with large amounts of a few types of products, as each section can hold one type of product from the same batch, making it easier to manage inventory.

Australian logistics industry 

The Australian logistics sector has been a hive of activity recently. This month, DHL Express, a global leader in international express services, launched a dedicated air route connecting Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia. This move is to cater to the Oceania-north Asia trade demand. 

In October, Australia’s largest container logistics firm, ACFS Logistics teamed up with software company OneStop to transform the national landscape. Both companies want to optimize container movement in the Oceania region.  

OneStop’s depot operating system, called OneStop Modal, will introduce higher levels of automation that will mean faster container transactions and reduce the reliability of manual processes.

Logistics businesses are keeping with the trend of sustainability. Australia’s Cannon Logistics points out that there is a significant focus on this issue in the country’s road freight sector. 

“With climate change concerns and rising fuel costs, businesses are exploring more environmentally friendly options. In 2024, expect to see a growing number of companies investing in greener vehicles, optimizing routes to reduce emissions, and implementing efficient logistics practices to minimize their carbon footprint.” 

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Photo Credit: NSW Ports (Facebook)

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