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How Much Does Fleet Management Software Cost?


Managing an entire fleet can be a difficult and time consuming experience. 

A fleet management software has the ability to automate and digitise your fleet operations. Features such as route optimisation, real-time tracking, proof of delivery and booking management, all help to keep fleet managers organised, whilst saving your business time and money. 

If you’re looking for this software and want to know how much it’ll cost, this article will highlight what influences fleet management cost. The type of business and vehicles, software chosen, capabilities and equipment are all factors that determine how much your fleet management software will cost. 

How Much Does Fleet Management Software Cost?

Fleet Management is the operation of organising, tracking and managing a vehicle fleet using a fleet management software. These fleets can consist of vans, trucks and cars. 

The average cost of a fleet management software is dependent on a number of factors. These include the capabilities of the software, the types of vehicles and equipment, as well as the type of business and software chosen. 

A fleet management software will cost on average around $35 a month per vehicle or anywhere between $3500-$6500 per year for a fleet of 10 vehicles.

The majority of operations use the pay-per vehicle model whilst others are pay-per-user, and some might let you choose. The difference is whether the software and/or hardware purchased is connected to the driver or connected to the vehicle being tracked. 

However, these are rough estimates and if you’re looking for accurate prices, it’s best to do your research and get into contact with companies that offer this technology. That way they can give you a reliable quote suited to your needs. 

Factors Influencing Fleet Management Software Costs
Factors Influencing Fleet Management Software Costs

Factors Influencing Fleet Management Software Costs


The features a fleet management software has to offer will impact its overall price. Not all softwares offer route optimisation, real-time tracking and proof of delivery, however they are important for improving the productivity of your fleet and keeping your customers happy. Whilst it may be more expensive to get a software that offers these features, it’s certainly worth it.

Types Of Vehicles

The types of vehicles a business uses will impact how much fleet management software will cost. Cars, vans, trucks and even motorbikes are all vehicles that can be used and prices are typically the same. However, heavy mining trucks or larger vehicles that go outside the grid or deep underground require a satellite as phone reception cannot be found here. This ultimately increases your fleet management costs. 


The equipment a fleet management software offers can help increase visibility between you and your drivers, however this may come at a cost. For example, Locate2u offers a multitude of GPS tracking devices that vary in price. A plug & play device is compact and affordable for vehicle tracking, it’s also flexible to use in other vehicles without needing to be installed. On the more expensive side, a hardwired device is installed by an auto-electrician and is much harder to remove which helps keep your vehicles safe from theft and ensures each vehicle is tracked properly.

Type Of Business

If you’re a small business then you will likely have a few vehicles within your fleet that need to be managed. However, larger businesses that have dozens or even hundreds of vehicles to carry out their deliveries, will require a different plan suited to their number. Fleet management software costs will be cheaper among smaller businesses as the number and level of requirements are significantly different than that of a large business. 

Software Chosen 

The software chosen is also another element that influences the average cost of management software. 

Web-based fleet management software allows fleet managers to track their vehicles using a web browser. You can typically access the software via the internet or downloading it onto your computer. 

Cloud-based fleet management software lets you track your fleet anywhere, anytime. It’s a mobile friendly software where you can access GPS software using a smartphone or tablet. This type of software allows you to communicate with your drivers, access real-time updates and so much more. 

Because these are different types of softwares, the prices will be different.

Delivery management software
Delivery management software

Benefits Of Using Fleet Management Software 

Having now covered fleet management pricing, it’s time to move onto the benefits of using a fleet management software, 

Using a fleet management system can provide a number of surprising benefits that saves your business time and money. GPS  tracking allows you to track your fleet’s live location throughout the delivery journey. This improves the accuracy of ETA’s given to customers and delivery times. This improves customer experience as they don’t have to spend the entire today waiting for their order. Depending on the software you choose to go with, route replay is another feature that allows you to create a timeline for when a delivery was completed and resolve any issues at present. 

 Because fuel prices are forever fluctuating, it can be difficult to track and budget costs. This technology also reduces fuel consumption of your vehicles by identifying what is chewing up most of your costs. Whether it’s excessive idling, or longer routes, this software will help you resolve problems to minimise how much you’re spending.

Fleet Management VS GPS Tracking

Since we’ve gone over the average cost of fleet management software and the benefits of using this technology, let’s look at fleet management vs GPS tracking. 

GPS tracking technology is great for businesses given its ability to track your driver’s live location, monitor your fuel system and even offer geofencing (depending on the company). However, a fleet management system offers more features that in turn, improves customer service and the performance of your business. 

Fleet management software offers a range of features to help save your business time and money. 

Route optimisation works to build the most efficient routes for your drivers. Instead of fleet managers taking hours to manually plan routes, they can have them created in just seconds. This improves your business’ operational efficiency, and allows your drivers to complete more deliveries. 

Another feature of this software is proof of delivery which involves providing an electronic signature and photo to confirm the arrival of a delivery. This gives peace of mind to you and your customer, as you know where and when the package was placed.

Real time tracking
Real time tracking

Locate2u Fleet Management Pricing 

Locate2u is a quality fleet management software that allows you to track your drivers in real-time, optimise routes, share location and manage your bookings. 

Locate2u’s pricing starts from $10 a month for pure phone based GPS customers, up to $55 a month per user for full suite, excluding any custom or onboarding work. They have a number of different pricing plans depending on the features and number of users. Locate2u is perfect for small, medium and large businesses. 

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Locate2u can help save your business time and money, whilst improving the performance of your fleet. Locate2u helps keep you and your fleet organised so you can give your customers the best experience possible. 

Click here and book a demo with Locate2u today. Or click here to learn more about Locate2u and  why it is the solution for your business. 

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